Scheduel Sign Up [WIP]

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Scheduel Sign Up [WIP]

Post by Brood Mother on Wed May 11, 2016 9:17 am

School Handbook

>>All classes are listed below for each of the grades.
>>Freshman taking higher level classes is accepted but exceptions will not be made for late work.
>>ALL University level classes are off limits to High Schoolers.
>>Admins reserve the right to deny you access to a class without reason or if a class is full.
>>All classes are first come first serve for spots.(average class size is 10-15 students)
>>Morphing into animals during class is FORBIDDEN and consequences will be determined depending on frequency.
>>Each student at Lionhart Academy has eight classes over the course of two days that follows an A and B day pattern.
>>Study Halls and Free Periods are only given to Seniors and Juniors who are in higher level classes.
>>Lunch is between Blocks 2 and 3 and all underclassmen are required to stay at the academy. Juniors, Seniors and University students are allowed to leave campus for lunch but must return ten minutes before class starts.
>>You can always sign up for classes a grade below your own.

Class Handbook

Freshman Classes:

Algebra 1
American History
Intro To Art
Intro To Theater
Concert Band
Marching Band
Intro to Psychology
French I
German I
Spanish I
Latin I
Fashion Design
Creative Writing
Sophomore Class:

World History
Performance Theater
Chamber Band
Chamber Orchestra
Jazz Band
Marching Band
French II
German II
Latin II
Spanish II
Chamber Choir
Fashion Design
Creative Writing
Language and Composition
Junior Class:

Algebra 2
Marching Band
Literature and Language
Graphic Design
Advanced Theater

Scheduel Sign Ups

A Block 1:
A Block 2:
A Block 3:
A Block 4:
B Block 1:
B Block 2:
B Block 3:
B Block 4:
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